Monday, October 24, 2011

Loustalots who immigrated to the US through New Orleans. .

A number of our Loustalot cousins entered the US via the Port of New Orleans, 30 represented on this list, New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1820-1945. .all from France unless otherwise stated. .

Jean, entered 23 Sep 1825 from Cuba

Ieder, entered 27 Nov 1845

J (female) entered 11 Nov 1854 from Cuba
Iwan entered 11 Nov 1857 from Mexico
Marthe, entered 2 Dec 1857
J (male) entered 25 Mar 1858 from Mexico

Marie Anne, entered 1 Feb 1861
Vincent, entered 1 Feb 1861
Jacques, entered 1 Feb 1861

Jean, entered 7 Apr 1873
Anne, entered 7 Apr 1873

Marieanne, entered 22 Jun 1883
Jacques, entered 5 Jul 1884
Jean, entered 2 Feb 1885
Louise, entered 7 Nov 1887
Anastasie, entered 7 Nov 1887
Pierre, entered 27 Aug 1888
Marie, entered 26 Mar 1889

Fela, entered 27 Feb 1891
Alfred, entered 22 Jun 1891
Pierre, entered 22 Jun 1891
Marie, entered 22 Oct 1894
Louise, entered 22 Oct 1894
Joseph, entered 22 Oct 1894
Albert, entered 22 Oct 1894
Armand, entered 22 Oct 1894
Lucie, entered 22 Oct 1894

H, entered 13 May 1901 from South Africa

Pierre, entered 19 Jan 1914


DL Duncan said...

Very excited to find you and thank you for starting the blog! Loustalot is my paternal grandfather's family from LA & MS. I have been trying to jump start the search for Loustalots for a long time. Have a few things - including an interesting (to my & mom) court transcript from 1882: Adele Marianne Loustalot of Louisiana (b. B-P, FR) sues the US government for reparations due to Union troops ransacking her store during war. Working on tracking her children, but I think she may be my 3xgreat grandmother. Mom's heading to Pau this year. Would love to see what else you've found and share what I have.

Melinda Loustalot said...

Hi DL -- thanks for following the Loustalot blog. . I am delighted to hear from a "Louisiana Loustalot!" As the name seems to generate from a particular region of France, I am eager to put all the pieces together. . you know these folks HAD to all be related! I have a link to a website that contains scanned copies of the civil records of the Basse-Pyrenees region of that time period (late 1800's). . now I'm motivated to find it and when I do, I'll post to the blog. .

Diana Loustalot said...

My daughter and I are off to Paris and Pau this summer. We would welcome any comments or info. We hope to have some info for the blog when we return.
Diana Loustalot, Florida (of the New Orleans Loustalots)

Melinda Loustalot said...

Sweet! My husband's cousin (of the California Loustalots) is visiting Pau this summer as well. .I'll try to find out exactly when. .

Unknown said...

I am excited to have found this blog, though I hate that I am so late to the party! DL, I am the 4th-Great-Granddaughter of Adele Loustalot, and my mom just found her copy of the deposition that you mention in your comment above. I've been trying to find out what happened with her lawsuit, which is what led me to this blog.

I am originally from Louisiana, but now live in the northeast. I've connected with cousins in the Philadelphia area, which was absolutely incredible.

Melinda Loustalot said...

Dear Unknown. .I am just now being notified of your comment since letting my Loustalot research fall fallow. .please contact me at so we can keep in touch. .guess I need to get back to trying to piece those Loustalot families together. .