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Loustalot Facebook group

To touch base with Loustalot around the globe, here's good starting point. .

Loustalot Facebook group, click here. .

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Connecting the dots -- how are the Louisiana and California Loustalots related?

I know that Louisiana and California aren't the only game in town when it comes to Loustalot landings on American soil, but it does seem that the two main branches landed there and prospered (tho I gotta say, procreation seems at lower levels than in the past, IYKWIM. . ) somewhat, at least in the early years of the 20th century. .

I've found a record at Ancestry from the New Orleans passenger lists (didn't I post that before? gotta check) of a Vincent Loustalot, b.1861 in France who departed from Pau, Basse-Pyrenees and arrived in New Orleans in around 1876. .that's earlier than the crowd who eventually populated  California (who were being born at that time) and claimed origination at Pau (at least my husband's family) but who may have actually lived up the road in the town of Lurbe in that region. .

Louisiana Loustalots -- 1920 census

There's more to report here. . either the folks at have figured out our name, or more descendants have written in corrections -- whichever, I'm grateful for it. . here goes.  .

Robert Lamtalol (hah!) b. 1886 in Louisiana, living in Franklin, St. Mary parish, living with wife Annie Louise and son, Marrie Edward

Vincent Loustalot, b. 1844 in Louisiana, still living with son Edgar, wife Annie and children Myrtle, Bernardine, Matthew and Garald, in Franklin, St. Mary parish. This family has been on both 1900 and 1910 censuses.

Edward Loustalot, b.1880 in Louisiana, living in Franklin, St. Mary parish, with wife Emma and children Eulie and Edward

Samuel Loustalot, b.1868 in Louisiana, living in St. Tammany parish, with wife Alice and son Alton

Fleetwood Loustalot, b.1871 in Louisiana, widowed, living in Hammond, St. Tammany parish, with adult children Hatton and Sally. Interesting, when I looked at the census page to check the spelling and ages of the children, I noticed the next door neighbor's name was Harry Fleetwood -- what are the odds of 2 Fleetwoods on the same street? Must have been a popular name at the time. .

Henry Loustalot, b. 1870 in France, living as a lodger in New Orleans

John Loustalot, b. 1875 in France, living in New Orleans on Frenchman St. (hah!) with his cousin, Henry Bonnelucy, working as a dairy laborer

Rene Loustalot, b. 1880 in France, living with wife, Eloise, in New Orleans

Armond Loustalot, 1883 in Louisiana, living in New Orleans with wife Odette and son Armond

That's it so far. .

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Louisiana Loustalots -- 1910 census

Here goes  -- a few interesting things . .

Albert Jonatalot (okay. . .) b. Louisiana 1883, quartered at Jackson Barracks, St. Bernard, Louisiana as a soldier along with Louis Jonatalot, b. Louisiana 1889 (brothers?) . .

Mary Loustalot, b. 1845 in France, widowed, living with sons Arnold and Albert (restaurant and bar keepers) all imm. to Louisiana in 1895 and living in New Orleans.

Raymond, b. 1880 in France, imm. to Louisiana in 1902, living with brother Pierre, b. 1890 in France, working as a dairyman and a dairyman helper in New Orleans

Cecelie, b. 1870 in Louisiana, widowed, living with daughters Victoria, Ovida, and Clamorous(?) as owner of a boarding house in Mandeville, St. Tammany, Louisiana.

Edward V., b. 1879 in Louisiana, living as a boarder in Franklin, St. Mary, Louisiana, working as a house painter

Vinsent Lousterlot (?) b. 1845 in France, living with son Edgar, his wife, Annie, and children Myrtle, Bernardine and Matthew; Vinsent is listed as married, but no wife is included on the census. Both Vinsent and Edgar work at a sawmill. Okay, FINALLY Loustalots who are actually listed on the 1900 census (see post below. . )

More Louisiana Loustalots and the 1900 census does not yield any Louisiana Loustalot "hits" until the 1900 census (likely due to census taker misspellings and transcriber ignorance of French names) when I find another family in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. We find Samuel Loustalor, b. Louisiana in 1866 (not included on any previous censuses that I've found yet) living with his wife Sarah and children Samuel, 5yo, Alvin J., 3yo and John C., 8months.

In Franklin, St. Mary parish, Louisiana, I find Edgar (maybe Edward) Loustolet (see what I mean?) living with his family, b. 1875 in Louisiana (not included on any previous censuses that I've found yet) wife, Annie, and child Myrtle, 1yo.

***ADDENDA** In my wanderings around the web, I've found a Loustalot that didn't initially "hit"  on the 1900 census -- Vansant Lousttol (for obvious reasons, which I corrected) b. 1846 in France, living with wife Eulalie and children Albert, Robert, Augustus and Eugene. . that should make things clearer for future census searches.  .

In New Orleans I find Jean Loustalot, b. 1875 in France, imm. to US in 1892, a proprietor in a hotel. Jean is listed as single.

What I find interesting is that the children's names are not "French inspired." By that, I contrast them with Loustalot children I find on censuses living in California at the same time, where the girls are Marie, Louise, and  Madeleine, and the boys all Pierre, Jean and Louis. I'm thinking this indicates the mothers were not French, but Americans already living in Louisiana . . just a guess. .

Louisiana Loustalots and the census search at is not my friend. .

Well, I thought this would be revelatory and yield unbelievable results, but alas. . no. . Looking up Loustalots who have lived in Louisiana from the earliest years reveals little by way of "hits" in the database. . I'm pretty sure it's due to a combination of census taker misspellings and transcriber ignorance of French names, but nonetheless. . here it is. .

The 1860 census reveals a Jean Loustalot (transcribed "F Lostotol" -- see what I mean?) living with his family in Covington, St. Tammany, Louisiana. . b. 1821 in France, working as a "house carpenter" and living with his family:  Elizabeth, 20yo, Elon, 9yo, Martha, 7yo, Emolee, 2yo, Mary, 2 months, Patric, 7yo, and Jane, 8yo. Now, my take is Elizabeth is a second wife and Elon and Martha belong to the first wife, likely dead. Emolee and Mary are most likely her children with Jean.  Patric and Jane are listed as being last named Loustalot (Lostotol) but that could be an error. There are no relationships included in this census. Patric and Jane are unusual names for French children, but I don't know where to go with that idea. .

Researching the French Loustalots

Here is a link to a valuable research tool I was referred to by one of my husband's very savvy family researchers -- thanks, Lynne! It's scanned documents from the Basse -Pyrenees region of France (also known as Basse-Atlantique or Aquitaine) and you can reach it here --

French archives click here. .

As you may have guessed, this information is in French, but my Google Chrome offers to translate it for me, which is awesome. . before I had Chrome, I got a Google translator for my toolbar (I just searched for it online and found the instructions to install it -- it wasn't difficult, thank goodness!)

I have not had any luck actually using the blue-green search box, but just click on the "direct access..." information and it will bring you to a page with the alphabet on the bottom. Click on the letter of the alphabet that begins the name of the region you are looking for. . eg. my husband's family always said they were from Pau, but their info is actually found in the section on Lurbe Sainte Christau (this saved me time, as my husband's cousin was able to share this with me. . ) A warning. . these are scanned documents -- meaning it is not searchable except by the human eye -- LOTS of clicking around and trying to understand the really ornate writing and it's in French! Helpful tip -- "naissances" means births, "deces" is deaths, and "mariages" is marriages.  .

Bonne Chance!