Monday, October 24, 2011

Revelations of the 1900 census

It will take me a while to pick apart the 1900 census for all things Loustalot, but here's a start with heads of household, their occupations and locations --

James, married to Mary, born 1860, working as a laborer in San Jose, Santa Clara county

Frank, unmarried, born 1871, working as a shepherd in Santa Barbara county, immigrated 1885, naturalized
Jacob, married to Rosa, born 1866, owned gen' merchandise store in Santa Barbara county, no citizenship listed
Pierre, married to Felicia, born 1858, saloonkeeper in Santa Barbara county, immigrated 1884, naturalized

John, married to Jessie, born 1864, working as a day laborer in Merced county, immigrated 1881, citizenship applied for

Myra, widowed, born 1832, working as landlady in Greeley, Colorado, immigrated 1858, no citizenship listed
Frank C, s/o Myra, born 1866 in Colorado, working as landlord in Greeley, Colorado

George, married Alphonsine, born 1870, working as farmer in Alpine, San Diego county

James or Jean, working as laborer in San Francisco, other data illigible
Zacharie, married to Marie, born 1860, working in laundry in San Francisco, immigrated 1887, citizenship applied for

Marie, unmarried, born 1875, working as maid to Wheelock family, Manhatten, New York City, immigrated 1895
Louisa, unmarried, born 1868, working as maid to Cryder family in Manhatten, New York, immigrated 1889

Jean, unmarried, born 1875, working as laborer, New Orleans, Louisiana

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