Thursday, January 5, 2012

Louisiana Loustalots -- 1920 census

There's more to report here. . either the folks at have figured out our name, or more descendants have written in corrections -- whichever, I'm grateful for it. . here goes.  .

Robert Lamtalol (hah!) b. 1886 in Louisiana, living in Franklin, St. Mary parish, living with wife Annie Louise and son, Marrie Edward

Vincent Loustalot, b. 1844 in Louisiana, still living with son Edgar, wife Annie and children Myrtle, Bernardine, Matthew and Garald, in Franklin, St. Mary parish. This family has been on both 1900 and 1910 censuses.

Edward Loustalot, b.1880 in Louisiana, living in Franklin, St. Mary parish, with wife Emma and children Eulie and Edward

Samuel Loustalot, b.1868 in Louisiana, living in St. Tammany parish, with wife Alice and son Alton

Fleetwood Loustalot, b.1871 in Louisiana, widowed, living in Hammond, St. Tammany parish, with adult children Hatton and Sally. Interesting, when I looked at the census page to check the spelling and ages of the children, I noticed the next door neighbor's name was Harry Fleetwood -- what are the odds of 2 Fleetwoods on the same street? Must have been a popular name at the time. .

Henry Loustalot, b. 1870 in France, living as a lodger in New Orleans

John Loustalot, b. 1875 in France, living in New Orleans on Frenchman St. (hah!) with his cousin, Henry Bonnelucy, working as a dairy laborer

Rene Loustalot, b. 1880 in France, living with wife, Eloise, in New Orleans

Armond Loustalot, 1883 in Louisiana, living in New Orleans with wife Odette and son Armond

That's it so far. .

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