Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Louisiana Loustalots and the 1900 census does not yield any Louisiana Loustalot "hits" until the 1900 census (likely due to census taker misspellings and transcriber ignorance of French names) when I find another family in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. We find Samuel Loustalor, b. Louisiana in 1866 (not included on any previous censuses that I've found yet) living with his wife Sarah and children Samuel, 5yo, Alvin J., 3yo and John C., 8months.

In Franklin, St. Mary parish, Louisiana, I find Edgar (maybe Edward) Loustolet (see what I mean?) living with his family, b. 1875 in Louisiana (not included on any previous censuses that I've found yet) wife, Annie, and child Myrtle, 1yo.

***ADDENDA** In my wanderings around the web, I've found a Loustalot that didn't initially "hit"  on the 1900 census -- Vansant Lousttol (for obvious reasons, which I corrected) b. 1846 in France, living with wife Eulalie and children Albert, Robert, Augustus and Eugene. . that should make things clearer for future census searches.  .

In New Orleans I find Jean Loustalot, b. 1875 in France, imm. to US in 1892, a proprietor in a hotel. Jean is listed as single.

What I find interesting is that the children's names are not "French inspired." By that, I contrast them with Loustalot children I find on censuses living in California at the same time, where the girls are Marie, Louise, and  Madeleine, and the boys all Pierre, Jean and Louis. I'm thinking this indicates the mothers were not French, but Americans already living in Louisiana . . just a guess. .

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