Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Researching the French Loustalots

Here is a link to a valuable research tool I was referred to by one of my husband's very savvy family researchers -- thanks, Lynne! It's scanned documents from the Basse -Pyrenees region of France (also known as Basse-Atlantique or Aquitaine) and you can reach it here --

French archives click here. .

As you may have guessed, this information is in French, but my Google Chrome offers to translate it for me, which is awesome. . before I had Chrome, I got a Google translator for my toolbar (I just searched for it online and found the instructions to install it -- it wasn't difficult, thank goodness!)

I have not had any luck actually using the blue-green search box, but just click on the "direct access..." information and it will bring you to a page with the alphabet on the bottom. Click on the letter of the alphabet that begins the name of the region you are looking for. . eg. my husband's family always said they were from Pau, but their info is actually found in the section on Lurbe Sainte Christau (this saved me time, as my husband's cousin was able to share this with me. . ) A warning. . these are scanned documents -- meaning it is not searchable except by the human eye -- LOTS of clicking around and trying to understand the really ornate writing and it's in French! Helpful tip -- "naissances" means births, "deces" is deaths, and "mariages" is marriages.  .

Bonne Chance!

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