Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Louisiana Loustalots -- 1910 census

Here goes  -- a few interesting things . .

Albert Jonatalot (okay. . .) b. Louisiana 1883, quartered at Jackson Barracks, St. Bernard, Louisiana as a soldier along with Louis Jonatalot, b. Louisiana 1889 (brothers?) . .

Mary Loustalot, b. 1845 in France, widowed, living with sons Arnold and Albert (restaurant and bar keepers) all imm. to Louisiana in 1895 and living in New Orleans.

Raymond, b. 1880 in France, imm. to Louisiana in 1902, living with brother Pierre, b. 1890 in France, working as a dairyman and a dairyman helper in New Orleans

Cecelie, b. 1870 in Louisiana, widowed, living with daughters Victoria, Ovida, and Clamorous(?) as owner of a boarding house in Mandeville, St. Tammany, Louisiana.

Edward V., b. 1879 in Louisiana, living as a boarder in Franklin, St. Mary, Louisiana, working as a house painter

Vinsent Lousterlot (?) b. 1845 in France, living with son Edgar, his wife, Annie, and children Myrtle, Bernardine and Matthew; Vinsent is listed as married, but no wife is included on the census. Both Vinsent and Edgar work at a sawmill. Okay, FINALLY Loustalots who are actually listed on the 1900 census (see post below. . )

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